What if you could accurately assess a patient's health risk captured in a single patient score?
What if this singular score could easily travel with the patient through multiple settings for care?
What if use of this score could help your program improve quality of care while reducing costs?
What if you thereby became recognized as an industry all-star in meeting this challenge?

The Challenge

Healthcare is delivered across multiple settings with little coordination or transfer of information. Critical knowledge about the patient is buried under a mass of largely, disparate, and sometimes conflicting information.

Improved Performance

Our electronic information management system is designed to improve patient care while enhancing overall financial performance.

Total Patient Care

It is the EGRET mission to elevate clinical outcomes to a control function level in the delivery of efficient, effective total patient care.

Real Results

Quantitative EGRET scores inform clinical decision-making which drives administrative policy and strategy.

What It Does

The EGRET System* transforms complex, disparate, and sometimes conflicting assessment data into actionable decision support information. This information empowers continuous interdisciplinary team (IDT) performance improvement that generates better health outcomes that drive successful care management.

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*patent pending